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Board of Directors

Board of Director - William E. Mealman  

William E. Mealman

Graduate of Baker University and University of Missouri - Kansas City School of Law. Actively employed with PBI/Gordon Corporation during college years, and has served in an administrative capacity as Corporate Secretary, Vice President, Executive Vice President, President and Chief Executive Officer 1973-1991 and Chairman and CEO 1984-1995. Currently serves as Chairman.
Board of Director - Suzie M. Horner  

Suzanne M. Horner

Graduate of Emporia State University Teachers College. Attended Webster University for post graduate work. Attended Kansas University from 1965 to 1968. Former elementary school teacher in the Shawnee Mission school district. Daughter of Robert M. Mueller former chairman and president and cofounder of PBI/Gordon Corporation.
Board of Director - Howard A. Crawford  

Gary Zimmerman

Graduate of Elizabethtown College with a BS in Biology, Temple University and Rochurst University with an MBA in Business, 1983. Employed with Haver-Lockhart prior to joining Bayer AG in 1974 in a Marketing Services position; became Vice President of Marketing in 1983 and Director of New Business Development for Bayer Animal Health in 1988 and Vice President of New Business Development in 1994. Continued as a consultant to Bayer Animal Health from 2002 until retirement in December 2003.
Board of Director - Glenn E. Mealman  

Glenn E. Mealman

Graduate of Kansas State College of Emporia and the Harvard School Business Management Program. He spent his entire career with Fleming Companies Inc., a New York stock exchange food distributor and supermarket operator. His career was in positions of marketing and general management. He was an Executive Vice President for many years prior to his retirement. He is currently a business consultant.
Board of Director - Richard E. Martin  

Richard E. Martin

Graduate of the University of Kansas with a degree in Business and Accounting. Employed with Arthur Young & Company 1969-1978 and with Sam Brown Company 1978-1982. Joined PBI/Gordon Corporation February, 1982 as Vice President of Finance and Corporate Planning. Became Treasurer in 1983, Secretary in 1984, President and Chief Operating Officer November 1991, President and Chief Executive Officer in 1995.
Board of Director - Richard B. Chalker, Jr.  

Richard B. Chalker, Jr.

Graduate of Yale University and DePaul University School of Law. Joined Arthur Young and Company (Ernst & Young LLP predecessor) in 1962. Became a partner 1975, moved to Kansas City office in 1979. Joined Thompson's Pet Pasta Products, Inc. as Chief Financial Officer, 1994. Joined Hallmark Cards, Inc. as Division Vice President - Tax, 1995. Retired from Hallmark Cards, March, 2004. Currently also serves as a Director of QC Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ) and Decorize, Inc. American Stock Exchange).
Board of Director - Donald A. Chew  

Donald A. Chew

Graduate of Kansas State University with a B.S. in Accounting, 1981. Member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Employed with Arthur Young & Company through 1988 as Audit Manager. 1991 employed with Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI), as Controller. Joined PBI/Gordon in 1991 as Chief Financial Officer. Became Secretary and Treasurer in 1992 and Vice President - Finance in 1993, Sr. Vice President in 2003. Became President of Pegasus Laboratories, Inc., a subsidiary of PBI/Gordon Corporation, in February, 2005.
Board of Director - Donald A. Chew  

Alfred F.Ingulli

Graduate of the Polytechnic Institute of New York, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the Harvard Business School. Joined Uniroyal Inc. in 1963 and held positions in manufacturing, engineering, research and development, marketing, strategic planning and general management. Retired in 2004 as Executive Vice President with responsibility for the company's global agricultural chemical business.