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In 1947, PBI consisted of a few determined entrepreneurs. PBI/Gordon today boasts a full range of integrated company units organized to meet the product development and marketing needs of the modern market place.

Products & Sales Groups

Our sales groups are organized into distinct units to provide focus for the marketing and sales of our various product lines. These include Home & Farm Products, Commercial Sales (Corporate and International Sales) and Professional (Turf & Ornamental, Agricultural and Industrial Vegetation Management Products); each servicing a separate segment of the overall green-market.

GLP & Formulations

Our Formulations Laboratory develops new formulations from existing molecules which are then processed into problem-solving products for the industries we serve. Our Good Laboratory Practices lab allows us to perform our own testing in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency requirements.

Research & Development

Research is an integral element in providing useful innovative products to a growing industry. Our field research facility has been in operation since 1985, continuously testing potential new product formulations, application rates, tank-mix combinations and application timing - everything necessary to be sure the end-user of our products is not only sold but also satisfied.

Regulatory Services Regulatory

Know-how is a major factor in being a player in a highly regulated industry. Our regulatory group has not only worked closely with the EPA concerning our own product registrations, but have been a major factor in the progress of several industry task forces.


We have two manufacturing plants strategically located in the Mid-West facilitating timely and cost-effective shipping nationwide. These plants are run with the strictest quality control standards designed to assure quality products in the marketplace.

Marketing & Advertising

Our Marketing Group includes a Marketing Specialist for each product line, plus in-house advertising and creative groups, allowing us to respond to opportunities in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Support Services

The personnel in our Support Services, Customer Service, Warehousing, Transportation and Technical Support Groups, are given consistent top ratings in customer surveys. The best people and the latest technology make up our Financial and Information Services groups as well.