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Founded as Private Brands Incorporated (PBI) in the fall of 1947, our company was built on an attitude of basic honesty and forthrightness in all matters and a "bend-over-backwards-to-please" attitude towards customers. This was the approach of our founders, and from the beginning it gained the company the respect of the entire industry.

Our commitment to quality in our manufacturing processes gained us private labeling contracts with many major firms in those early years.

With the purchase of the Gordon Chemical company in 1956 and merger with the Johnson Chemical Company, we acquired specialty products which were initially offered to private label customers. The changing marketplace of the 60’s, however, demanded strong brand name identification, and we met that challenge through an aggressive campaign targeting the agricultural and lawn and garden markets under the Gordon’s brand name. Private Brands, Inc. became PBI/Gordon Corporation.

The acquisition of the Trimec® herbicide patent in 1968 gave us a proprietary product that could be sold under the Gordon’s label. With the turf industry beginning to experience rapid growth, the time was right for a problem-solving product which could help raise the professionalism of the turf manager, and PBI/Gordon Corporation had such a product. With an acknowledged reputation for quality products, customer service, and business integrity, PBI/Gordon quickly became a major force in the burgeoning turf industry. We now offer over 40 products designed for golf courses and other professional turf and ornamental managers.

An active force in the lawn and garden industry, a marketer of agricultural products and an innovator of professional turf and ornamental products — this is PBI/Gordon today.

And we, the employee-owners of PBI/Gordon, are making it our first priority to carry on the tradition entrusted to us. We have built a business based on confidence in our products and trust in our relationships – with customers, with associates, and with suppliers. Staying true to this tradition will provide us with the clarity and focus to meet our challenges and continue to grow in the years to come.