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Tupersan® Label Expansion

July 1, 2004

Kansas City, Missouri -- PBI/Gordon Corporation has announced EPA approval of chemigation use instructions for Gordon's Tupersan Herbicide Wettable Powder. Tupersan is a highly selective pre-emergent herbicide which controls smooth and hairy crabgrass and can be used before, during or immediately following the seeding of cool-season grasses.

The new label directions will allow sod and seed producers of cool-season turfgrass to use the product in most irrigation systems, a practice which can save a great deal of time and money. "The marketplace insisted," said Doug Obermann, Product Manager for Gordon's Professional Products. "It's economics, pure and simple," explained Obermann. Time is money in any business and chemigation saves time.

Last year the company introduced a 50 pound size of the product. "The marketplace demanded the larger size, too", says Obermann. Sod producers are an important segment of the professional turf market, according to Obermann, and they need to be able to obtain their products in sizes appropriate to their needs. The new size was received with enthusiasm in the sod market. "We think the new label use directions for chemigation meets a need and will generate equal excitement," Obermann said.

Tupersan Herbicide Wettable Powder remains one of the few products which can be applied for pre-emergent crabgrass control at the time of seeding. For more information concerning Tupersan and other Gordon's Professional Products, call 800-821-7925 or visit pbigordon.com/tupersan.

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