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SpeedZone® Southern Label Now In Spanish

July 1, 2004

Kansas City, Missouri -- PBI/Gordon Corporation has announced the addition of a Spanish version of the SpeedZone Southern label and MSDS to pbigordon.com/speedzonesouthern.

"We have long recognized the value that the Hispanic workforce is bringing to this industry," reports Bill Brocker, Vice President of Marketing for the company. "With the number of Hispanic workers increasing each year, there is a need to assure that label directions are clear so our products will be used appropriately." With the addition of the SpeedZone Southern label, the company now has Spanish versions of four of their most popular product labels, as well as MSDS information on those products. "We feel that an accurate understanding of the EPA-approved product labeling and Material Safety Data for the Hispanic work force is an important aspect to product stewardship in today's workplace," said Brocker. PBI/Gordon will continue to add Spanish versions of their product labels and MSDS information to the web site, making the most widely used products the priority.

PBI/Gordon's Spanish labels can be accessed on the corporate web site at pbigordon.com/speedzonesouthern, as well as on the CDMS web site. Copies of Spanish labels and MSDS sheets can also be obtained by calling Gordon's customer service at 800-821-7925.

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Mary Ellen Scheib
Marketing Specialist

(816) 460-6216

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