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New Insect Pest Profile Sheets Available

April 15, 2004

Kansas City, Missouri -- PBI/Gordon Corporation, a Kansas City, Missouri company, has announced the availability of seven new insect pest profile sheets featuring key turf and ornamental insect pests. This first set sheets includes information on aphids, armyworm, cutworm, Japanese beetle, mealybugs, red mites and spider mites, and whiteflies.

The insect pest profiles sheets include insect identification photos (with photo credits going to Ohio State entomologist Dave Shetlar, otherwise known as the BugDoc), as well as descriptive identification copy, life cycle, habit, and visible plant damage descriptions. IPM recommendations are included with recommendations for the company’s Azatrol® EC Insecticide and data charts specific to the genus or species.

Azatrol is a broad-spectrum botanical product for the control of insects on ornamental shrubs, trees and flowers. Azadirachtin has been studied for many years as an alternative to synthetic insecticide products. Due to the complex structure of the azadirachtin molecule and its multiple modes of activity it is virtually impossible for insect resistance to develop. Azadirachtin has been proven to act in multiple ways to control insect pests and mites, including anti-feedant, growth regulation, anti-ovipositioning and repellent action.

Azatrol has a CAUTION signal word due to its extremely low toxicity to mammals, making it an ideal choice for plant protection around schools and hospitals and in interiorscaped areas. It can also be combined with conventional products as a part of an integrated pest management (IPM) program.

The pest profile sheets are available free from PBI/Gordon and can be requested on the web site at pbigordon.com/azatrol or call 800-821-7925.

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Mary Ellen Scheib
Marketing Specialist

(816) 460-6216

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