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PBI/Gordon and Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Announce Katana™ Herbicide Marketing Agreement

August 2009

PBI/Gordon Corporation, a Kansas City, Missouri, company, and Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd. (ISK) of Osaka, Japan, have recently announced an agreement to market Katana™ Herbicide in the United States’ professional turf management industry. Katana™ Herbicide contains flazasulfuron, a fast-acting sulfonylurea herbicide compound. The label is held by ISK’s United States subsidiary, ISK Biosciences Corporation with headquarters in Concord, Ohio.

“We have been working with flazasulfuron for some time,” says Tom Hoffman, senior vice president and general manager for PBI/Gordon Corporation. “The speed of ryegrass control for transition was our first interest,” he continues. “But Katana™ provides significant sedge, kyllinga and broadleaf control as well. We are quite pleased that ISK has chosen PBI/Gordon as their marketing partner in the United States professional market,” Hoffman stated.

Katana™ will be marketed for sedge, broadleaf weed and grass weed control as well as a ryegrass transition-aid product for bermudagrass, zoysiagrass and centipedegrass turf in golf course fairways and roughs, commercial turf, athletic fields, cemeteries and sod farms, according to Doug Obermann, product manager for Gordon’s Professional Turf and Ornamental products.

In university tests, Katana™ has excelled in removing cool-season grasses from warm-season turf, including ryegrass, clumpy ryegrass, Poa annua, Poa trivialis and annual ryegrass. In addition to kyllingas, sedges and clumpy ryegrass, Katana™ also controls a broad spectrum of broadleaf weeds, reports Obermann. Katana has both foliar and root uptake and, like other sulfonylurea products, is effective at very low rates. Katana’s speed is second to none for this class of herbicides. Applications of Katana also have some residual control.

“Katana will be a great addition to our ProFrom® product line,” says Obermann. “Like our other ProForm® products, Katana™ is fast-acting and provides superior cool-weather performance,” he continues. Katana™ Herbicide is undergoing extensive cooperator trials this summer and will be in nationwide distribution for the 2010 season.

PBI/Gordon Corporation, a 100% employee-owned company founded in 1947, is based in Kansas City, Missouri. PBI/Gordon, best known for the Trimec®, SpeedZone® and Q4® herbicide brands, has been formulating products that maximize performance and efficiency for over 60 years. PBI/Gordon is a national leader in the professional turf and ornamental management industry.

ISK Biosciences Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha, Ltd of Osaka, Japan. With headquarters in Concord, Ohio, ISK Biosciences has primary responsibility for development, registration and logistics for ISK’s products in the Americas. ISK, founded in 1920’s, is one of the leading manufacturers of organic and inorganic chemicals with core businesses in titanium dioxide pigments and proprietary agrochemicals and organic intermediates. The company has a fully integrated agricultural chemicals business with research and development, marketing, registration and production operations. For additional information concerning ISK Biosciences, visit www.iskbc.com or www.iskweb.co.jp/eng/company/history_02.html.

Mr. Richard Martin, (left) president and chief executive officer PBI/Gordon Corporation and Mr. Yoshiaki Hishitani, (right) general manager and marketing division of Ishihara Sangyo Kaisha Ltd.


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