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Trade Associations &
Industry Task Forces

We know our reputation is earned daily in the marketplace. How we conduct our business activities and support the industry in which we operate is vital to our success. We have been and continue to be active members of many organizations on a national level.

Our territory representatives also serve as board and committee members and officers at the local level. Responsibility to our trade and to our environment is the final piece of the leadership puzzle at PBI/Gordon Corporation.

Each container that leaves our plant is touched by many employees. At each step of the way, we have taken care to be sure that the products that leave our warehouse are the best we have to offer. That’s who PBI/Gordon is today and who we have been for the last 60 years. And because we own the company, it is who we want to be many years from now.

Professional Organization Memberships

With 60 years of product and industry experience behind us, we have a great deal of expertise to offer the many industry association committees on which our employee-owners serve. Some of the national trade associations in which we are active members include:

Industry Task Forces

Industry task force memberships allow us to contribute to the processes involved in reregistration, data development and the laws that impact our industry in an efficient and cost effective manner. PBI/Gordon employee-owners are active members of the following industry task forces:
  • Industry Task Force I & II on 2,4-D Research
  • Copper Sulfate
  • Spray Drift
  • Outdoor Residential Exposure
  • Agriculture Re-entry Exposure
  • Ag Pesticide Handlers
  • FIFRA Endangered Species
  • Broadleaf Turf Herbicide Transferable Foliar Residue